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Vera Audio P400/1000

Vera Audio P400/1000

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Either 220-240V or 110-120V. Please specify in the comment field when checking out if you want 110-120V input voltage. Standard is 220-240V.


Powerful amplifier with super low distortion, briding capability, gain adjustments, trigger input and a great looking chassis cut out from one single block of aluminium with no visible seams or screws.

Finish: Black or silver, brushed aluminium


- Based on Ncore NC500 modules

- Stable to 2 Ohm (with less power)

- Powerful PSU of 3kW

- 400W at 8 ohms (2 channels)

- Bridging option with more than 1000W (closer to 1400W) at 8 ohms (1 channel)

- Super low distortion (see datasheet)

- Vera Audio input stage (buffer) with only the very best measurable parts

- No degrading potentiometers in the signal chain. A gain adjustment with 8-step rotary switches with gold contacts

- 0.004% precision resistor which helps to provide a CMRR (common mode rejection ratio) of at least 94dB at 1kHz

- Multi-step EMI filtering in the input stage to effectively keep harmful radio waves away from the audio circuit. In addition, the entire entrance stage is mounted inside a screen in a separate chamber inside the cabinet. There also extra shielded Neutrik XLR connectors

- Very low noise and high CMRR making it even a perfect combination with horns or other high sensitive speakers

- Gain adjustment within 0.02 dB on both channels making it easy to match with different preamps/DACs or to incorporate to active speakers with amps to each driver

- Trigger input with LED light indicator

- Brushed aluminium chassis cut out in one block without any seams or visible screws

- High build quality and temperature controlled fans that kick in at high temperatures with very low audible noise to ensure long life span

- Speaker terminals that accepts up to 6mm2 stranded wire, spades and banana plugs


- Selectable gain in very accurate 3dB steps from 12dB to 30dB as well as mute function
- CMRR of at least 89dB@100Hz and better than 89dB@1kHz
- Very low noise of less than 15uV
- S/N of more than 130dB (stereo)
- S/N of more than 132dB (bridged)
- 1 ohm capable (see datasheet)

- Stereo, both channels driven at 8 ohms:
- 400W with maximum 1% THD+N
- 330W with maximum 0.01% THD+N
- 300W with maximum 0.004% THD+N

Stereo, both channels driven at 4 ohms:
- 750W with maximum 1% THD+N
- 620W with maximum 0.01% THD+N
- 550W with maximum 0.004% THD+N

Bridged, driven at 8 ohms:
- 1500W with maximum 1% THD+N
- 1100W with maximum 0.01% THD+N
- 800W with maximum 0.004% THD+N

Width: 29 cm
Depth (including terminals): 38 cm
Height: 8.2 cm

Weight: 9 kg

The calculations below show the power output vs impedance in stereo mode and in bridged mode. Take note that these are not measurements but they should be very close to actual performance.

If the speaker has an impedance that drops below approximately 3.6 Ohm, bridging will become futile in regards to power output compared to stereo mode.




Link to datasheet and manual